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Gotta love them kitties!
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Hurting for a very Hurtful Pain ENG.
What's hurting me? Why does it hurt so?
Why am I so hurting to hurt?
Oh, it hurts, the pain's so bad
Why does it hurt as bad as this?
I want to tell you how much it hurts,
I want you to be the only one who knows
Oh, it's awful, so very awful.
Why does it feel as bad as this?
I want you, it's you I want.
The pain is right here in my chest...
Yes, I was the one who did it to me.
Yes, I have wounded myself so.
It goes away naturally when I leave it be,
But this pain just keeps returning.
When I close my eyes, all I know
Are the things I cannot see
It's unreasonable to a far, far point.
Someone must know my anguish...
Don't come near, don't come here
Don't let it get you so excited
Don't mind, don't pay it any mind
Just stop shouting your head off
Go away, go away, yes,
I'll be gone into thin air soon enough,
So feign normalcy, and put up with...
all of it.

Oh, it hurts, the pain's so bad
Why does it hurt so bad as this?
Ah, I want to tell you how much it hurts,
I want you to be the
:iconharlowejean:harlowejean 2 0
More than a little broken
I worry at my hands, finger gnawing, and biting,
boring little holes in already-worn skin, scars frequent here.
You say i could never understand, that you are far too broken.
I am boiling, acid throwing itself at my heart, shaking inherently,
" Just another crack. "
They say, as though they see them,
" Nothing is broken, you must be fine. "
They can assume ignorantly, they really care not.
Can they forever ignore the little red wrist marks,
the missing safety pins, broken sewing needles, razors with little ends missing,
the bloodshot in my eyes, the cold fingers?
As it now it only seems, that this is my dilemma.
The only anchors tying me here are the problems of those who
care not about the scratches and dribbles of salt water.
If i were to disappear now, to join you in a pool of hurtful cravings,
they would barely notice my absence, as my existence is like air,
( There are many copies of me, all generic, all fake, all sickening. )
As I fade off particular specks of shock would take
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Simmon by harlowejean Simmon :iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 0 Reblecca by harlowejean Reblecca :iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 0 Wendy by harlowejean Wendy :iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 0 Cammy by harlowejean Cammy :iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 10 Quack by harlowejean Quack :iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 0
She stood over them all, her platinum hair messily tied back. Blood stained her finger, its cold thickness coating her knuckles in red. They would do well, hopefully. She had gathered a few extra in case a few ended up failing or if one snapped and lashed out.
 She rolled her head, cracking her neck. They all had potential, she had watched, giving them challenges to see how they would react. Yes, quite the eccentric bunch she had gathered.
 Her bare feet touched the clear, sky colored floor. She smiled widely when she wondered how long it would take for them to wake up, and who would serve the most laughable reaction to her little trick.
 " What foolish little things, maybe they'll learn to be useful!" She chuckled quietly. The last batch failed miserably when Arachne and Hebe's armies converged and wiped them out. Even her best fighter was wiped out... Pity, too, he was quite the charmer.
 A dark-haired girl stirred slightly, almost, almost rolling over onto the ke
:iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 0
A Fake, Fake Imitation
 My patience is spreading thin,
as the days spin quickly by me.
My brain is whirling,
Because an entire year has passed,
and absolutely nothing is getting done!
Even though people have helped me out,
As the hour hand spins, so do my eyes.
I've lost my heart to praise and adoration,
I've messed everything up
" Ah... If only there were one more of me.."
Shall I erase this
Impossible dilemma for you?
A Fake, Fake, Imitation!
 Wait, whats this? Look!
Its a revolutionary situation.
I'm happy, happy, so happy!
I can't stop!
A Fake, Fake imitation!
Come on, I'll substitute for you!
Our behavior is just the same.
I feel kinda impulsive
Ah, (laugh) (laugh) (laugh)
I can't stop!
 God, I'm sorry for cheating ;P
The ability to do whatever you want,
An all-year life-long vacation
Hey, leave the tedious stuff to me!
I'm fully automatic!
Ah, Today IS clear skies AS WELL!
Let's face it together, friends.
I'll become your hands and feet!
The best future and an excepted premise?
What? Its
:iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 0
 The first me was an obedient girl,
But when failed love sealed her feelings,
She built up new characters
and their feelings interchange!
Refusing to accept the memories,
She took on totally different attitudes,
Acting like someone else,
Yes, thats how she protected herself
They don't share their memories,
They don't even know each other exist,
Time flowed on, and now
Ten peoples personalities reside here.
The tenants inside me
All fell in love with the same man
with all unrequited love
This was his reply:
" I'll only love, One of the people among you,"
Our hearts began to beat fast
And we hurried to restrain
our quickened pulse!
" Its like your a totally different person each time i see you,
Each time my chest tightened,
And I was simultaneously enraptured
But still, I have to talk to you now,
I've already told another of you before,
I can only love one person,
I can only choose one personality."
Multiple personality disorder? Me?
Why are... You smiling?
The ten people
:iconharlowejean:harlowejean 1 9
Outer Science
 Such puny, pitiful lives not lived to their fullest,
Once dead they'll come and knock at my door.
The little master glares upon the deformity
"Oh, what an ugly tale!"
A reaching throat and tall body,
Seemingly dissolving a dead heart
Sluggishly gulping down life
Gouging out red eyes...
Hey, Its what you wished for, right?
In that moment where I glared at you through the haze.
Such tragic souls
Are my favorite meal!
You're in the interior of my belly,
Love and your ego left to rot!
You too, soon, will be reborn
Hey, I love playing the monster!
" Why, God, why!?" Hm?
" I don't want this power!" You whine.
Why should I care? This is your fate!
The next, and the , next master I'll eagerly await!
Myths, Lives, the destinies of these people,
Even watching them carelessly fall in love.
The usually quiet snake laughs loudly.
" What foolish little things!"
Ah, It seems I just can't get enough!
Putting down darkened hearts is fun,
Possessing their little lives,
Embedding in t
:iconharlowejean:harlowejean 1 0
Night Tales Deceive
                                  “Lying is my forte, you know?”
                          “But I’m not so good at being honest…”
                                “It’s kinda funny, actually…”
                        “My truest tales sound the most false!”
:iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 15
Adoptable {25P} by harlowejean Adoptable {25P} :iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 10
Sunset Yesterday
Everyone was happy, the sun shone down upon them,
And I frowned and glared my way through
Going across the schoolyard, morning after another all-nighter.
Hungrily munching on a rice ball,
The person I tried to avoid,
Extends his arm to wave, calling my name,
Smiling with a messy bedhead.
Ah, a love at first sight -
Wait, wait. I'm really not interested in that..
Then why is it that I can't look you in the eye
" I-it doesn't matter! Oh shut up!"
I g-ga-ga-ga-glare at the sun I found,
wondering my heart flutters so when you're near.
And this e-e-e-emotion seems so unquenchable,
Oh, what could it be!?
Wow wow wow
I try and show how I feel on my face
and my voice, it tends to stutter.
" What do I do!? Think, think!"
Sometimes I feel like an idiot...
I take another yawn, bored by our classroom yet again
Staring out our own private window.
Leisurely listening to the radio.
When I stood up to stretch, I was careless and
so you saw, the headphones I had put on to tune you out,
weren't actually
:iconharlowejean:harlowejean 0 0
Headphone Actor
It was a pretty bland day
And I was bored to death,
Listening to the radio to kill time,
Until I was startled by what I heard
" It is very unfortunate for sure
the world will end today"
Said some country's president,
In tears as he spoke.
Outside my window a flock of birds flew and blocked the sky,
Headed somewhere and swallowing the crescent moon.
I left the game that had no 'Save' button,
pushed aside a textbook that lay on the desk, scarcely touched,
And scrambled to put my headphones on and calm my trembling body.
As a song by an unknown artist reached my ears,
(A song with an unknown name and beautiful melody)
A voice too flowed to the speakers, asking
" You want to survive, don't you?"
This world's venue was chaotic,
skyscrapers swaying and undulating,
And the voice that drove me
was one I was tired of hearing (my own)
" You have twenty minutes to reach the 'hill'
Then you'll understand what all of this means
Don't doubt, just get to the hill before time's up"
The voice instructe
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Its been a long while since ive been on this site. Its just not for me anymore. Too many memories.

No, I wont be deleting my account. Just because, well, I'm waiting for someone. You know who you are.
 There's no reason for me to be leaving any of you hanging, I suppose. Just know that I will barely be producing content, as helpful to me as it would be. I've got a complete inability to write anymore; Its too emotionally taxing because it draws up a lot of residual energy. So, I'm sorry.
  I'll still be really slow to reply to any notes, or comments. My kik is candidHomunculus
That is my primary messager and that is the fastest way to reach me besides text.
 Who knows, maybe I'll be back. I've got a lot better at drawing so if I get a phone with more space, I can upload from there. The only other place you could find my work/cosplays is my Instagram. ( currently cthulhusp00k , but is usually cthulhubabe )

 So, for now this is goodbye. May our paths otherwise intertwine.

 And to that aforementioned girl, if you do come back, then I'll be waiting. We've got a lot of talking to do. I look forward to it, darlin.

Peace out, 


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I'm a write/ poet who takes inspiration from any kind of inner conflict! So expect alot of depressing stuff....


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